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Effect of topical oxytocin gel on vaginal mucosa in postmenopausal Egyptian women: a clinical randomized trial

Moussa, Asem; Moberg, Kerstin Uvnas; Elgrahy, Ismael; Elsayied, Mohammad; Abdel-Rasheed, Mazen; Farouk, Mohamed; Saad, Hany; Meshaal, Hadeer


Background: Vaginal atrophy is common after menopause and is often linked to sexual dysfunction, particularly dyspareunia.Aim: The study aimed to investigate the effect of intravaginally applied oxytocin on expressions of vaginal atrophy.Methods: Fifty postmenopausal women aged 47 to 66 years with vaginal atrophy participated in this double-blinded placebo-controlled study. The women were randomized to intravaginal treatment with either gel with 600 IU/mL of oxytocin (oxytocin group) or gel alone (control group) once daily for 2 weeks. The gel consisted of hypromellose, pH 3.8 (Vagovital).Outcomes: The color of the vaginal mucosa, the vaginal pH, and the cytology of vaginal epithelial cells were investigated before and after treatment.Results: The color of the vaginal mucosa shifted from pale to red in all 25 patients treated with oxytocin but only in 4 patients in the control group (P < .001). There was a significant decrease in intravaginal pH in the oxytocin group and the control group, with the delta value being significantly greater in the oxytocin group than in the control group (P < .001). The vaginal maturation index increased significantly (P < .001) in the oxytocin group but not in the control group.Clinical Implications: Topical oxytocin gel offers an effective solution to the sexual dysfunction that is related to vaginal atrophy after menopause.Strengths and Limitations: Strengths include studying different outcomes of applying the oxytocin gel for vaginal atrophy. Limitations include the small-scale population with a relatively short duration of treatment (2 weeks).Conclusion: Intravaginal treatment with a gel containing 600 IU/mL of oxytocin effectively counteracts physical expressions of vaginal atrophy.


oxytocin; postmenopause; vaginal mucosa; vaginal pH; vaginal smear

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The Journal of Sexual Medicine
2023, Volym: 20, nummer: 2, sidor: 177-183