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High Spatial Resolution Profiling in Tree Species

Giacomello, Stefania; Delhomme, Nicolas; Niittyla, Totte; Tuominen, Hannele; Street, Nathaniel R.


Until recently, the majority of genomics assays have been performed on bulk tissue samples containing multiple cell types. Tissues such as the wood formation zone in trees contain a complex mix of cell types organised in three-dimensional space. Moreover, cells within the wood formation zone represent a continual developmental progression from meristematic cambial initials through to cell death. This spatiotemporal developmental gradient and cell type information are not assayed by bulk samples. New and improved sampling methods coupled to next-generation sequencing assays are enabling the generation of high spatial resolution and single-cell transcriptomics data, offering unprecedented insight into the biology of unique cell types and cell developmental programs. We overview the application of these approaches to the study of wood development, in particular, and highlight challenges associated with the analysis of such data.


single cell; spatial resolution; cell type; wood formation; xylem; RNA sequencing; transcriptome

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Annual plant reviews online
2019, Volym: 2, nummer: 1, sidor: 329-359
Utgivare: WILEY