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4.2 - Trophic cascades in coastal ecosystems

Eriksson, Britas Klemens; Bergström, Ulf; Govers, Laura L; Eklöf, Johan


The more we learn about coastal ecosystems, the more important predation and trophic cascades appear for ecosystem integrity. Trophic cascades shape marine food webs, structure coastal habitats, contribute to complex adaptive processes and regime shifts, and even determine properties of the physical environment. However, sectoral division by different management organizations has made it difficult to reconcile a holistic management of our coasts. In this chapter we discuss recent developments in the understanding of trophic cascades, highlighted by research from coastal ecosystems, and pinpoint different aspects of coastal ecology that must be acknowledged to correctly identify and manage trophic cascades.

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Titel: Treatise on Estuarine and Coastal Science
ISBN: 9780323907989
Utgivare: Elsevier