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Forskningsartikel - Refereegranskat, 2023

Ascaridia galli - An old problem that requires new solutions

Hoglund, Johan; Das, Gurbuz; Tarbiat, Behdad; Geldhof, Peter; Jansson, Desiree S.; Gauly, Matthias


Reports of Ascaridia galli in laying hens in Europe have increased since the ban on conventional battery cages in 2012. As this parasite is transmitted directly via the faecal-oral route by parasite eggs containing a larva, it is reasonable to assume that the escalating problem is related to the increased exposure now occurring in modern welfare-friendly cage-free housing systems. On many farms, A. galli reappears in subsequent flocks, even though the birds have no access to the outdoors, biosecurity is high and empty houses are cleaned and disinfected during downtime. Since the egg production cycle lasts only & AP;80 weeks and recombinant antigen production for helminth vaccines has not yet been solved, the development of a vaccine seems to be an unrealistic option. Therefore, disrupting the life cycle of the parasite by other means, including the strategic use of dewormers, appears to be the key to controlling infection. Of concern is that only one class of anthelmintics is licenced for poultry in Europe and that are usually administered indiscriminately through the birds' drinking water and often too late when the parasite is already established. If current calendar-based parasite control strategies are not changed, there is a risk that resistance to anthelmintics may develop, as has already been demonstrated with nematodes in livestock. We insist that treatments can be more effective and the risk of developing drug resistance can be mitigated if we invest in a better understanding of A. galli responses to more prudent and judicious use of anthelmintics. This review identifies knowledge gaps and highlights aspects of sustainable parasite control that require further research to support commercial egg producers.


Poultry roundworm; Diagnosis; Control; Targeted treatment; Anthelmintic resistance

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International Journal for Parasitology: Drugs and Drug Resistance
2023, Volym: 23, sidor: 1-9