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Forskningsartikel, 2008

Gait analysis of unprovoked pig gait on clean and fouled concrete surfaces

Wachenfelt, Hans von; Pinzke, Stefan; Nilsson, Christer; Olsson, Ove; Ehlorsson, Carl-Johan


Inadequate floor properties are considered the primary cause of the majority of claw disorders in pigs but to date no clear relationship has been found between claw disorders and floor properties such as friction and surface abrasiveness. To determine this relationship, the factors controlling pig gait must be characterised. This study examined unprovoked pig gait on a concrete floor in clean conditions and compared it with gait in fouled floor conditions. Kinematics were used to record gait parameters such as walking speed, stride length, swing and stance time, stride elevation together with limb support phases, gait symmetry, diagonality and duty factor. On clean floors, pigs had an unprovoked symmetrical gait with alternating two- and three-beat support phases and a high rate of diagonality. Stride length, swing and stance time and stride elevation showed little variation. Pigs altered their gait in accordance with floor conditions to maintain gait control by reducing walking speed, lowering diagonality and employing more three-limb support phases. Pigs also shortened their stride length and prolonged their stance time.


floors; pigs; concrete; gait; kinematics

Publicerad i

Biosystems Engineering
2008, nummer: 101
Utgivare: Elsevier Ltd., UK

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