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Forskningsartikel, 1995

Growing-finishing pigs in an uninsulated house 2 : Pen function and thermal comfort

Botermans, Jos; Andersson, Mats


Pen function and thermal comfort in an uninsulated housing system for pigs from 10 weeks of age to slaughter were studied. Comparison with reference housing in an insulated pig housing system showed that the functioning of both systems was rather similar, although there were more problems with pen hygiene in the uninsulated housing system which may partly have been due to the solid floor. The pigs in the uninsulated system were more active and spent less time in the lying area. Age and air temperature had a considerable impact on pig behaviour: young pigs were more active in general. In both housing systems, pigs spent more time in the excretory area and less in the lying area with increasing temperatures. The provision of a kennel in the uninsulated housing system improved the close environment for the pigs. Nevertheless, during cold periods, young animals (10-25 kg) in both systems had to cope with cold stress by huddling.


pigs; housing; climate

Publicerad i

Swedish Journal Of Agricultural Research
1995, nummer: 25
Utgivare: SLU

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