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Variation in plant composition along a gradient of increasing distance from wells in a mountain steppe in Southern Mongolia

Ulziibadrakh, Temuulen; Uudus, Bayarsaikhan; Lkhagvajav, Purevjav; Alexander, Justine Shanti; Johansson, Örjan; Sharma, Koustubh; Samelius, Gustaf


Habitat degradation and heavy grazing by livestock are common conservation challenges across the steppes of Mongolia and Central Asia. Livestock grazing patterns are generally not uniform and are typically greater near campsites and watering holes. In this study, we examined how plant composition in a mountain steppe in southern Mongolia varied along a gradient of increasing distance from wells. We found that the cover and average height of Ephedera prezewalskii increased with increasing distance from the wells whereas soil chemistry and the other variables of plant composition that we examined were similar along the gradient of increasing distance from the wells. These results suggest relatively limited impact of livestock grazing on plant composition in our study. However, our study was limited in space and time and further studies are needed to understand the impact of livestock grazing in this mountain steppe in southern Mongolia.


desert steppe; livestock grazing; plant composition; South Gobi

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Snow Leopard Reports
2023, Volym: 2, sidor: 10-16

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