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Forskningsartikel - Refereegranskat, 2023

The effect of climate change on avian offspring production: A global meta-analysis

Halupka, Lucyna; Arlt, Debora; Tolvanen, Jere; Millon, Alexandre; Bize, Pierre; Adamik, Peter; Albert, Pascal; Arendt, Wayne J.; V. Artemyev, Alexander; Baglione, Vittorio; Banbura, Jerzy; Banbura, Miroslawa; Barba, Emilio; Barrett, Robert T.; Becker, Peter H.; Belskii, Eugen; Bolton, Mark; Bowers, E. Keith; Bried, Joel; Brouwer, Lyanne;
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Climate change affects timing of reproduction in many bird species, but few stud-ies have investigated its influence on annual reproductive output. Here, we assess changes in the annual production of young by female breeders in 201 populations of 104 bird species (N = 745,962 clutches) covering all continents between 1970 and 2019. Overall, average offspring production has declined in recent decades, but considerable differences were found among species and populations. A total of 56.7% of populations showed a declining trend in offspring production (significant in 17.4%), whereas 43.3% exhibited an increase (significant in 10.4%). The results show that climatic changes affect offspring production through compounded effects on ecological and life history traits of species. Migratory and larger-bodied species experienced reduced offspring production with increasing temperatures during the chick-rearing period, whereas smaller-bodied, sedentary species tended to produce more offspring. Likewise, multi-brooded species showed increased breeding success with increasing temperatures, whereas rising temperatures were unrelated to repro-ductive success in single-brooded species. Our study suggests that rapid declines in size of bird populations reported by many studies from different parts of the world are driven only to a small degree by changes in the production of young.


climate change; birds; offspring production; meta-analysis

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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
2023, Volym: 120, nummer: 19, artikelnummer: e2208389120

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    Environmental Sciences

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