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Rapport, 1970

Low-temperature induced irregularities in pollen mother cells of Larix leptolepis

Eriksson, Gösta


The communication constitutes a complement to a preceding one in which the relationship between low temperature and sensitive PMC on one hand and induction of irregularities on the other hand was presented for Larix decidua and L. sibirica. Such an investigation has now been undertaken for Larix leptolepis. Stickiness of C-type was the most common irregularity followed by stickiness of B-type and A-type. Several different relationships between prediction areas and aberration areas were tested. It was observed that the best agreement was obtained when diakinesis, metaphase I and II and anaphase I were regarded as the temperature sensitive stages. The exclusion of the completely damaged buds from the aberration areas increased the agreements between aberration areas and prediction areas. Different mechanisms of the temperature action on the PMC are discussed. Based on the data presented, the design of an experiment which could reveal the mechanism of the temperature action on the PMC is suggested.


pollen mother cells; Larix leptolepis

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Studia Forestalia Suecica
Utgivare: Skogshögskolan