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Rapport, 1972

Seed eluates on the germination blotter : a germinability test?

Pehap, Allan


Aged seeds of Scots pine left different eluate spots on the blotter in a germinator after about 24 hours' incubation. Fresh seeds do not give off sucheluates. Among the leached substances were found proteins, nucleic acids, amino acids, fats, sugars, etc. The eluate spots are visible on the blotter only after development by simple biochemical methods used in paper chromatography. Possibility of using this eluate-development-method as a seed viability test, and other practical aspects, are discussed.


conifers; germination tests; seeds

Publicerad i

Studia Forestalia Suecica
ISBN: 91-38-01464-5
Utgivare: Skogshögskolan

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