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Rapport, 1994

Lantgårdens utseende och yttre miljö : möjligheter till en harmonisk upplevelse, teori och pilotstudie

Sällvik, Annika


The appearance of a building is personal and depends on, for example, previous experiences, knowledge and background. The appearance of a farm is therefore depending on whether the observer has the knowledge of modem farming or not. The "Svensson" is a person without the knowledge of modern farming. He expects farms to look like they did until the l950's. This opinion has developed partly due to stories told by elder people, old Swedish movies and literature. The "Bonde" is a person with knowledge of modern farming. He will include how things will work out on the farm in his aesthetic judgement of it. To find out which things are important to make a farm look harmonious and pleasant, interviews were made on Focksta, a farm outside of Uppsala, Sweden. Six people including representatives from both "Svensson" and "Bonde" were interviewed. According to the interviews the first impressions of a farm are important. The maintenance is also important. The first views and the front sides of the farm should therefore be made with care and consideration. Many things are important to make a farm look pleasant and attractive. One of the most important things for making a farm look pleasant is that it looks uniform. All of the farm buildings should be about the same size. If one building is a lot bigger than the others, the uniformity and concordance of the farm is disturbed. The building material and colour, of the buildings are also important. If all buildings are the same colour they will look alike even if the size or height differ some. If details and ornaments are the same on different buildings, that should be emphasised to make the concordance stronger. People seem to accept two main building materials on a farm. On Focksta, wood and steel facades are most common, one small building is built in brick. The brick building looks misplaced and disturbs the harmony mostly because of its material, according to the interviewed people. The "Svensson" is curious about the modern farm and its functions. He will accept most appearances when he‘s told about the functions, which have placed certain demands on the outdoor appearance. The persons who are "experts" (have studied aesthetics) will tell why a building is beautiful or ugly whereas most other people only can tell that it is beautiful or ugly. Experts are able to look at one building or detail at time where other people tend to compare it with details and buildings close to and viewed earlier.


Ekonomibyggnader; exteriör; underhåll; färg; form; upplevelse; betraktare

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Rapport - Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen för lantbruksteknik
Utgivare: Institutionen för lantbruksteknik, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

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