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Effects of Layering Milling Technology on Dough Properties of Highland Barley and Bread Qualities

Tian, Shuangqi; Lu, Jing; Zhang, Yan; Chen, Zhicheng


Highland barley (Qingke) is rich in nutrients and has the nutrient composition of “three highs and two lows,” which are high vitamin, high soluble dietary fiber, high β-glucan, low fat, and low sugar. In this paper, it was proposed to remove the layers of different ratios with different peeling rates. Then, different peeled highland barley was milled into flour and added to bread flour in the same proportion to make wheat-highland barley bread. The results showed that the removal of the cortex of highland barley flour was beneficial to its fermentation characteristics, the comprehensive capacity of gas production and gas holding has been improved, and the maximum fermentation height and retention coefficient were both at QK2-35%, while the gas production at QK4-35% is higher than other samples. From QK0-35% to QK5-35%, the  significance of the highland barley bread increased, from 56.31 to 70.88. The results showed that choosing QK4-35% as the best peeling rate of highland barley flour blends could not only retain the nutritional value of highland barley bread but also optimize the quality of bread to a certain extent, which could attract consumers and has a good development prospect.

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Journal of Chemistry
2023, Volym: 2023, artikelnummer: 5547085

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