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Research article2023Peer reviewedOpen access

Evaluation of domestic animal sperm head morphology via flow cytometric DNA labelling and pulse shape analysis using bull and stallion spermatozoa as model species

Nagy, Szabolcs; Kovacs, Barnabas; Johannisson, Anders


The aim of the present study was to test a rapid, robust flow cytometric technique for the detection of sperm head abnormalities of domestic bulls and stallions. The so-called PulSA approach detects the pulse profiles of propidium-iodide labelled spermatozoa. In the first experiment, species-specific threshold values were established on sperm samples that were tested for sperm head abnormalities with a classic visual morphology analysis. In the second experiment, serial mixtures of bull and stallion spermatozoa mimicking different percentages of sperm head abnormalities were analysed. Non-metric multidimensional scaling showed a clear separation between the normal and mixed samples. The PulSA approach may be a useful tool in identifying sub- or infertile breeding males as well as in studying the evolutionary aspects of sperm morphology and morphometry.


abnormalities; bull; PulSA; sperm quality; stallion

Published in

Reproduction in Domestic Animals
2023, Volume: 58, number: 11, pages: 1569-1575
Publisher: WILEY

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    Clinical Science
    Animal and Dairy Science

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