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Enhancing Nutrition and Palatability: The Development of Cooked Sausages with Protein Hydrolysate from Secondary Raw Materials for the Elderly

Tultabayeva, Tamara; Tokysheva, Gulzhan; Zhakupova, Gulmira; Konysbaeva, Damilya; Mukhtarkhanova, Rauan; Matibayeva, Ainur; Mukhametov, Almas; Zamaratskaia, Galia; Makangali, Kadyrzhan


Currently, there is an increase in the use of preparations from collagen-containing raw materials in the production of meat products. The high functional and technological properties of such preparations make it possible to significantly improve the rheological properties of food products, as well as organoleptic indicators, and enrich meat products with dietary fibers. The aim of this study was to study the effect of an emulsion of 5% protein hydrolysate and 1% purslane powder on herodietic boiled sausages for the elderly. The results showed that the experimental samples of boiled sausages contained 15.44% protein, 6.6% fat, 4.2% carbohydrates and 71.1% moisture; this shows that boiled sausage with the addition of protein hydrolysate contains optimal chemical composition for dietary nutrition, a certain moisture index confirms the excellent consistency of boiled sausage. The change in the peroxide number was studied for 7 days. The results showed that the peroxide number did not change significantly from 2.0 meq/kg to 4.6 meq/kg. Thus, the addition of purslane with antioxidant properties helps to slow down the oxidation of fats and thereby increases the shelf life of boiled herodietic sausage. The results of the study of color characteristics showed stable color formation, which was influenced by an emulsion of collagen and purslane. It was found that products using emulsions from collagen-containing raw materials are characterized by a higher concentration of tyrosine due to the action of proteolytic enzymes (pepsin and trypsin)—from 728.1 mcg/mL (during the first three hours of hydrolysis) to 392.5 mcg/mL (during 6 h of hydrolysis)—which indicates a higher degree of protein digestibility these products. Thus, the addition of an emulsion of 5% protein hydrolysate and 1% purslane powder can be recommended for the production of boiled sausages with improved nutritional and taste properties.


aging; older person; herodietic product; moisture-binding ability

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Applied Sciences
2023, Volym: 13, nummer: 18, artikelnummer: 10462

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