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Bokkapitel2023Vetenskapligt granskad

Green Infrastructure and Urban Forests for BioCities: Strategic and Adaptive Management

Randrup, Thomas; Jansson, Märit; Deak Sjöman, Johanna; et al.


Urban nature has played an important role in cities around the world since industrialisation in the 18th century. The responsibility for urban nature has since then primarily lied with local governments, however with no formal obligation to develop or manage such areas. A number of concepts and approaches have been suggested over past decades to address planning and management of urban nature, but to gain maximum benefit of urban nature in forms of e.g. Green Infrastructure and Urban Forests, there are still a number of generic challenges to be overcome. These challenges includes fragmented organizational structures leading to disconnections between planning and management. Also governance related dimensions are often perceived as limiting factors for the improvement of urban nature. This chapter describes approaches to future management of Biocities in forms of Strategic Management and Adaptive Management, while also introducing new governance approaches. Three cases exemplifies novel local government approaches to inclusive governance and management of the urban nature—the future BioCities.

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Future City
2023, nummer: 20, sidor: 85-107 Titel: Transforming Biocities : Designing Urban Spaces Inspired by Nature
ISBN: 978-3-031-29465-5, eISBN: 978-3-031-29466-2Utgivare: Springer