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Unravelling the potential of susceptibility genes in plant disease management: Present status and future prospects

Thakur, Kajal; Salaria, Neha; Singh, Baljeet; Bhardwaj, Vinay; Kukreja, Sarvjeet; Goutam, Umesh


The increasing global population requires an equivalent increase in food production to meet the global food demand. Crop production is challenged by various biotic and abiotic stresses, which decrease crop yield and production. Thus, proper disease management for crops ensures global food security. Various chemical, physical, and biological disease control methods have been devised and used for plant protection. However, due to the low efficiency of these methods, modern research has shifted to genetic engineering approaches. The recent advances in molecular techniques have revealed the molecular mechanisms controlling the plant's innate immune system and plant-pathogen interactions. Earlier studies revealed that the pathogens utilize the susceptibility (S) genes in hosts for their sustainability and disease development. The resistance achieved by suppressing the S genes expression provides resistance against pathogens. Exploiting S genes for imparting/enhancing disease resistance would offer a more durable and effective alternative to conventional disease control methods. Therefore, the present review highlights the potential of this novel tool for inducing disease resistance in plants.


Susceptibility; resistance; disease; silencing

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Plant science today
2023, Volym: 10, nummer: SP1, sidor: 46-45

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