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Methods, models, and guidelines for practitioners to deliver health-promoting green space

Aguiar Borges, Luciane; Rohrer, Lisa; Aamodt, Geir; et al.


This chapter summarises the main methods, models, and guidelines— hereafter named as NORD tools—included in each component of the NORD framework (NUMBERING, OBSERVING, REGULATING, DESIGNING). The chapter provides further details on how to use these tools as well as how practitioners can combine them to deliver health-promoting green spaces.

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Nordregio Report
2024, nummer: 2024:1, sidor: 106-133 Titel: Green and healthy Nordic cities : How to plan, design, and manage health-promoting urban green space
ISBN: 978-91-8001-088-7Utgivare: Nordregio
DOI: 10.6027/R2024:11403-2503