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An LRH-RSL4 feedback regulatory loop controls the determinate growth of root hairs in Arabidopsis

Cui, Meng Qi; Xu, Chen; Wang, Tao; Zhao, Li Hua; Wang, Yu Xuan; Li, Gui Xin; Yan, Jing Ying; Xu, Ji Ming; Liu, Rong; Wang, Zhi Ye; Harberd, Nicholas P.; Zheng, Shao Jian; Ding, Zhong Jie


Root hairs are tubular -shaped outgrowths of epidermal cells essential for plants acquiring water and nutrients from the soil. Despite their importance, the growth of root hairs is finite. How this determinate growth is precisely regulated remains largely unknown. Here we identify LONG ROOT HAIR (LRH), a GYF domaincontaining protein, as a unique repressor of root hair growth. We show that LRH inhibits the association of eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4Es (eIF4Es) with the mRNA of ROOT HAIR DEFECTIVE6-LIKE4 (RSL4) that encodes the master regulator of root hair growth, repressing RSL4 translation and thus root hair elongation. RSL4 in turn directly transactivates LRH expression to maintain a proper LRH gradient in the trichoblasts. Our findings reveal a previously uncharacterized LRH-RSL4 feedback regulatory loop that limits root hair growth, shedding new light on the mechanism underlying the determinate growth of root hairs.

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Current Biology
2024, Volym: 34, nummer: 2, sidor: 313-326
Utgivare: CELL PRESS

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    Biokemi och molekylärbiologi

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