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The reproductive microbiome in dogs: Friend or foe?

Banchi, Penelope; Spanoghe, Lotte; Maes, Dominiek; Morrell, Jane; Van Soom, Ann


The microbiome of the reproductive tract is an area of research in full development. Specifically, the microbiome may be involved in reproductive health, disease, and pregnancy outcomes, as has been shown in humans and animals, including dogs. The aim of the present review was to summarize current knowledge on the microbiome of the canine reproductive tract, to expose the controversial role that some bacterial agents may play in canine subfertility, and to highlight future research perspectives. This review discussed whether the use of antimicrobials in dogs is appropriate to increase reproductive performance and to treat subfertility without proper diagnosis, and the possible use of probiotics to modulate the reproductive canine microbiome. Finally, we indicate areas in which scientific knowledge is currently lacking, and could be promising directions for future research.


Antimicrobial resistance; Dog; Mycoplasma; Probiotics; Reproductive microbiome

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Veterinary Journal
2024, Volym: 304, artikelnummer: 106100

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