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Biochar improves the humification process during pig manure composting: Insights into roles of the bacterial community and metabolic functions

Yin, Yanan; Tao, Xiaohui; Du, Yifei; Li, Mengtong; Yang, Sai; Zhang, Wenrong; Yang, Chao; Li, Haichao; Wang, Xiaochang; Chen, Rong


Biochar could promote humification in composting, nevertheless, its mechanism has not been fully explored from the perspective of the overall bacterial community and its metabolism. This study investigated the effects of bamboo charcoal (BC) and wheat straw biochar (WSB) on the humic acid (HA) and fulvic acid (FA) contents during pig manure composting. The results showed that BC enhanced humification more than WSB, and significantly increased the HA content and HA/FA ratio. The bacterial community structure under BC differed from those under the other treatments, and BC increased the abundance of bacteria associated with the transformation of organic matter compared with the other treatments. Furthermore, biochar enhanced the metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids in the thermophilic and cooling phases, especially BC. Through Mantel tests and network analysis, we found that HA was mainly related to carbon source metabolism and the bacterial community, and BC might change the interaction patterns among carbohydrates, amino acid metabolism, Bacillales, Clostridiales, and Lactobacillales with HA and FA to improve the humification process during composting. These results are important for understanding the mechanisms associated with the effects of biochar on humification during composting.


Biochar; Bacterial community; Carbon utilization; Composting; Humification

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Journal of Environmental Management
2024, Volym: 355, artikelnummer: 120463

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