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Factors influencing farmers’ climate change adaptation in Southeast Asia: A comparative study from Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia

Ha, T.M.; Boulom, S.; Yang, F.; Voe, P.; Dao, C.D.; Le, T.T.L.; Dang, X.P.; Hoang, T.T.H.; Veu, T.; Ngy, S.; Ha, A.D.


Southeast Asia is among the most climate-vulnerable regions in the world. Despite this, little is known about how climate change adaptation at the household level differs across countries in this geographic region. This cross-country study investigated factors influencing adopting three adaptation practices: growing climate-tolerant crops, intercropping, and switching to cash crops in some selected provinces in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Based on the survey data from 1017 farm households in these three countries, the paper found that surveyed households in Laos and Cambodia were less likely to adopt the three practices than those in Vietnam. Perception about the impacts of climate change and perceived usefulness of climate change adaptation consistently influenced the adoption likelihood of those practices. Information on climate change shaped farmers’ decision to select climate-tolerant varieties and diversify crops. Policy implications aiming at fostering farmers’ adoption of adaptation practices are discussed.


adaptation likelihood; adaptive capacity; climate change adaptations; cross-country analysis; farm households; Southeast Asia

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APN Science Bulletin
2023, Volym: 13, nummer: 1, sidor: 40-49
Utgivare: Asia-pacific Network for Global Change Research

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