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State of digital technology adoption in intermodal freight transport: empirical evidence from Ethiopia

Kine, H.Z.; Gebresenbet, G.; Tavasszy, L.; Ljungberg, D.


The present study assesses the level of digital technology adoption in the inter-modal freight transport system, with the case study of Ethiopia. To achieve the objectives, we utilized questionnaires and conducted site visits to the companies involved. The results show that all the companies have an equally high level of fundamental technology adoption. However, the use of advanced information and communication technologies, such as artificial intelligence and the internet of things, is limited. Ethiopian's railway transport company uses up-to-date technologies (such as real-time tracking and communication with drivers), whereas road transport companies widely use conventional technologies (such as phone calls) in providing transport services. To increase the level of digital technology adoption, and thus the overall efficiency of the intermodal transport systems, the study revealed a need for investment in human resources, encompassing awareness creation and IT skills training, in parallel to investments in the actual technologies.


digital technologies; Ethiopia; ICT; IFT; intermodal freight transport; low-income countries; technology adoption

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World review of intermodal transportation research
2023, Volym: 11, nummer: 4, sidor: 362-395
Utgivare: Inderscience Publishers