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Lessons learned from compliance and verification processes in certification of forestry biomass

Majer, S.; van, Dam, J.; Fritsche, U.R.; Heukels, B.; Harris, Z.M.; Egnell, G.; Thrän, D.


The concept of the bioeconomy and the growing demand for biomass have raised concerns about the sustainability of an increased biomass use. To address this issue, various certification systems and labels have been developed to verify compliance with sustainability requirements in bioenergy and bio-based value chains. However, various market requirements and political frameworks make certification complex and difficult to understand. An IEA Bioenergy Task 45 project has analyzed existing certification schemes to better understand methodological differences and compliance factors. This article summarises the main project outcomes regarding relevant compliance and verification parameters such as risk assessments, transparency, auditor competencies and others. Sustainability certification supports sustainable biomass production, but it alone cannot guarantee sustainability. Certification should be part of a broader sustainability governance framework, including national policies and legislation. The complexity and competition of markets and political frameworks can lead to a race to the bottom that jeopardizes trust and reputation. Policy makers and industry need to streamline certification as a driver of change within a functional governance framework.


certification; sustainability; sustainability criteria; sustainability framework

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European Biomass Conference and Exhibition Proceedings
2023, sidor: 308-310 Titel: 31st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, 5-8 June 2023, Bologna, Italy
ISBN: 978-88-89407-23-3
Utgivare: ETA-Florence Renewable Energies


31st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, EUBCE 2023, Monday 5 June 2023 - Friday 9 June 2023