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A Quantitative Luminol-Based Assay for ROS Burst Detection in Potato Leaves in Response to Biotic Stimuli

Zahid, M.A.; Vetukuri, R.R.; Andreasson, E.


Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are important signaling agents in plants and animals. They are involved in diverse processes, including activation of immune responses to pathogen infection. Biphasic detection of ROS in response to pathogen perception is becoming more popular even in important crops like potato as means of screening different germ plasms and mutants generated by for example CRISPR-Cas9 as well as identifying signaling pathways. Here we describe a detailed protocol for quantifying ROS bursts induced in potato leaf discs in response to a bacterial elicitor and Phytophthora infestans.


flg22; Immunity; Luminol; Oxidative burst; Potato; Reactive oxygen species; ROS

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Methods in Molecular Biology
2022, Volym: 2536, sidor: 395-402 Titel: Plant Pathology : Method and Protocols
ISBN: 978-1-0716-2516-3, eISBN: 978-1-0716-2517-0
Utgivare: Springer