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Recommendations for the use of critical terms when applying IUCN red-listing criteria to bryophytes

Bergamini, A.; Bisang, I.; Hodgetts, N.; Lockhart, N.; van, Rooy, J.; Hallingbäck, T.


The IUCN Red List is recognised as a robust system for assessing the risk of extinction to organisms, but there are difficulties in applying the criteria to bryophytes and other clonal and colonial organisms. Three critical terms are addressed – generation length, mature individual and severe fragmentation – and definitions given in order to facilitate the use of the IUCN Red List criteria for bryophytes. These recommendations provide a pragmatic and effective way of using the IUCN Red List process for bryophytes and may have a wider application to other clonal organisms.


Bryophytes; Clonal organisms; Generation length; Individual-equivalent; IUCN Red List; Mature individual; Severe fragmentation

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2019, Volym: 2019, nummer: 1, artikelnummer: 01117
Utgivare: Lindbergia

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