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Forskningsartikel2007Vetenskapligt granskad

A novel enteropathogenic, strongly haemolytic spirochaete isolated from pig and mallard, provisionally designated 'Brachyspira suanatina' sp nov

Rasback T, Jansson DS, Johansson KE, Fellstrom C


Atypical, strongly haemolytic porcine isolates of intestinal spirochaetes differing genetically from Brachyspira hyodysenteriae were identified and characterized. The isolates were subjected to culture and biochemical tests, antimicrobial susceptibility testing and molecular analyses. None of four species-specific polymerase chain reaction systems targeting genes of B. hyodysenteriae gave a positive reaction. All the atypical porcine isolates were identical in their partial 16S rRNA and nox gene sequences with a previously described isolate from a mallard (Anas platyrhynchos), and differed only slightly from another mallard isolate. All these isolates were distinctly different from all currently recognized Brachyspira species. A challenge study was carried out using recently weaned pigs. Clinical signs and macroscopic changes consistent with swine dysentery were seen both in pigs given the atypical porcine isolate and in control pigs given the reference strain of B. hyodysenteriae (B204(R)). Pigs given the genetically similar isolate from a mallard became colonized and diarrhoea was observed. This is the first study indicating that Brachyspira isolates from mallard can infect pigs and induce diarrhoea. We propose that this atypical spirochaete genotype should be regarded as a new species within the genus Brachyspira, and be provisionally designated 'Brachyspira suanatina' sp. nov

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Environmental Microbiology
2007, Volym: 9, nummer: 4, sidor: 983-991