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Mitochondrial regulation of flower development

Carlsson, Jenny; Leino, Matti; Sohlberg, Joel; Sundstroem, Jens F.; Glimelius, Kristina


Flower development in plants depends not only on a set of nuclear genes but also on the coordinate action of the mitochondrion. Certain mitochondrial genomes in combination with certain nuclear genomes lead to the expression of cytoplasmic male-sterility (CMS). Both mitochondrial genes that determine male-sterility and nuclear Restorer-of-fertility genes that suppress the male-sterile phenotype have been cloned. Lately, the interactions between mitochondrial and nuclear genes through retrograde signalling in CMS-systems have been dissected. Of special interest are the altered expression patterns of floral homeotic genes in certain CMS-systems. Here, we review the mitochondrial influence on flower development and give examples from CMS-systems developed in Brassica, Daucus Carota, Nicotiana tabacum and Triticum aestivum. (C) 2007 Elsevier B.V. and Mitochondria Research Society. All rights reserved.


cytoplasmic male-sterility (CMS); floral homeotic genes; pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR); nuclear-mitochondrial interactions; alloplasmic lines; restorer-of-fertility

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2008, Volym: 8, nummer: 1, sidor: 74-86