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Quasimodoana, a new Holarctic genus of eucoiline wasps (Hymenoptera, Cynipoidea, Figitidae), with a phylogenetic analysis of related genera

Forshage, Mattias; Nordlander, Goran; Ronquist, Fredrik


A new Holarctic genus, Quasimodoana gen.n. is described for the Palearctic eucoiline wasp Eucoila decipiens Forster, 1869, as Quasimodoana decipiens comb.n. A lectotype is designated for this species. A new North American species is described here as Quasimodoana gibba sp.n. As the new genus has similarities with several eucoiline genera, belonging to two related but distinct lineages, a phylogenetic analysis was carried out, based on 83 morphological characters. The two lineages included in the analysis are referred to here under the tribal names of Eucoilini and Trichoplastini stat.nov. We discuss reasons for adopting available tribal names (rather than 'informal genus groups'), and Trichoplastini is removed from synonymy with Eucoilini. The phylogenetic analysis places Quasimodoana unambiguously within Eucoilini, as a sistergroup to the Trybliographa complex. However, there is only weak support for the monophyly of Eucoilini and for the hypothesized sistergroup relationship between Eucoilini and Trichoplastini.

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Systematic Entomology
2008, Volym: 33, nummer: 2, sidor: 301-318

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