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LENNE Tempus Curriculum Development Project: Teaching Package in Subject Area Landscape Management

Gustavsson, Roland; Kollanyi, Laszlo; Tomicevic, Jelena; Zlatic, Miodrag; Gustavsson, Eva


The report is the result from one, out of of nine, working groups in a three year European Tempus project. The aim of the project has been to lay the ground for a new master programme in landscape architecture at the Serbian universities in Novi Sad and Belgrade. The project has been carried out as a cooperation between eight European countries and the intention has been that the result also should be used as resourse for renewal of relevant subject areas in the participating countries. In all the involved universities of the working group, equivalent with in many other European countries, landscape management is directly linked to educational master and bachelor programs such as Landscape architecture, Landscape engineer, and recently also Urban forestry and greening. It is in particular such programs we focus here. Doing so, we are aware of the existence of many other traditions that claim that they educate within landscape management. However, rather than linking to landscape architecture and planning traditions these link to ecology, archeology, human or physical geography, forestry and agronomy, and in the scientific multi-disciplinary approach stress natural and social science. Rather than being a “repetition” of their profiles our conclusion is that also within the landscape management course it should be seen as important to have and develop an identity which in one way or another links it to the landscape architecture tradition


landscape management; participatory management planning; landscape policies; landscape dynamics; curriculum

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Tempus Project No CD_JEP_19106_2004
Utgivare: LENNE TEMPUS Joint European Curriculum Development Project: Master of Landscape Architecture