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Conference abstract2008Peer reviewed

Marinating Herring in Berry Extracts improves Storage Stability and Nutritional Value

Åsli, Magnus; Sampels, Sabine; Vogt, Gjermund; Larsson, Thomas; Morkore, Turid


The aim of this study was to investigate novel berry extracts with the purpose to preserve and prolong shelf-life of herring, add nutritional value as well as enhance utilisation possibilities of a low price fish species. During storage, the quality of fatty fish decreases among others due to lipid and protein oxidation. Berry extracts have shown to have a good antioxidant capacity due to their content of phenols, anthocyanins, ascorbic acid and other possible bioactive compounds. In addition, berries are known to be protective against cancer, oxidative stress in the body, enhance the immune system, reduce inflammation and reduce blood pressure. Total lipids, TG, FFA, PL, lipid oxidation (TBARS), protein oxidation and α-tocopherol were determined after storage. All investigated oxidation parameters showed lower values in the treated groups in comparison to the control samples, although not all differences were significant. The total content of typical oxidation products such as alkanals and 1-penten alcohols were higher in control fish compared to treatment groups. In agreement with these findings, the antioxidant α-tocopherol was higher in the treated samples compared to control. pH-values were slightly lower in the treated fish samples and no differences in lipid class composition were detected. Our results suggest that marinating herring with the chosen berry extracts will increase storage stability and nutritional value of this fish specie

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38th West European Fish Technologists Association Annual meeting