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Intensive forest researcher training and its internationalisation in the Baltic Sea region

Brukas, Vilis; Churski, Marcin


Based on survey of PhD training coordinators, the paper examines the status of doctoral education at universities dealing with higher forest education in the Baltic Sea region. The primary attention is given to intensive courses and possibilities for joint international training. In total, the survey found around 450 PhD students. In 2005, 39 intensive courses, involving at least 5 students, were organised at the surveyed faculties, 15 courses dealt with topics related specifically to forestry, revealing that an average PhD student has a very limited offer of specialised courses directly connected to the thesis work. Low number of students is seen as a primary hindrance for more intensive course activity at national faculties, while the lack of time and financial incentives for teachers hinder organisation of international PhD courses. Overall, the lack of systematic approach to doctoral forest education is observed. Survey respondents are supportive to joint researcher training activities at the regional level.


Baltic countries; doctoral forestry education; intensive courses; internationalisation; Nordic countries; Russia

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Baltic Forestry
2008, Volym: 14, nummer: 1, sidor: 66-74