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Research article2004Peer reviewed

Expression of JNK interacting protein JIP-1 is Down-regulated in liver from mouse embryos with a disrupted insulin-like growth factor II gene

Rohbe L, Larsson M, Rising A, Grip S, Burns J, Engstrom W


JNK interacting Protein 1 (JIP-1) is a pivotal scaffolding protein in the JNK signalling pathway. Its expression pattern in murine tissue indicates that JIP-1 has a role in the regulation of different cellular events. By examining the JIP-1 expression in transgenic mice that were heterozygous for a functional insulin-like growth factor II (igf-2) gene, it was possible to show that an abrogated igf-2 expression was followed by a decreased transcription of the JIP-l gene. This pattern was consistent through different litters, which suggests that the up- or down-regulation of JIP-1 may well be part of the intracellular mediation of IGF II induced messages

Published in

In Vivo
2004, Volume: 18, number: 5, pages: 643-647