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Miljöbelastning från utomhus transport och vistelseytor för nötkreatur

von; Wachenfelt, Hans


Outdoor pavements and yards for cattle and swine have come in to focus with more animals being bred with an outdoor production concept. A call for improved design of outdoor pavements and a demand for more knowledge about the environmental impact is the objective of this study. An investigation was conducted in the winter-spring period in 1996 to determine the environment load from 27 heifers in an all year outdoor production unit. Two new feeding places were deliberately constructed 40 m from a wind-shelter. Soil samples were collected from 300 and 600 mm depths with a tube drill, from the animals dwelling place, which was devided into 4 areas. The dwelling area as well as the feeding area had partly hardened and nonpermeable surfaces from which the amount of faeces were registered. As for laying area, the amount of faeces in the deep litter was determined at the animals departure. The drainage- and run-off water quality from the area of 4 m about the wind shed was registered. The construction of feeding places changed the animal pattern of movement. A higher concentration of nitrogen in the surface layers of the earth compared with the underlying earth layer confirms that a larger amount of manure fell between the wind-shelter and the feeding places. The degree of contamination from the drainage- and run-off water exceeded normal urban run-off water by 4-20 times. In measuring the manure quantities, it was found that the manure was widely spread in time and in the same sample area. About 67 % of the manure landed in the deep litter and on the dwelling area close to the shed. 6 % landed on the feeding places and 27 % on other areas

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Titel: CIGR XIII International Congress on Agricultural Engineering in Rabat, Marocco
ISBN: 9981-1887-2-7
Utgivare: Anafid 2, Rue Haroun Errachid, Rabat, Marocco


CIGR XIII International Congress on Agricultural Engineering

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    • Von Wachenfelt, Hans

      • Lantbrukets byggnadsteknik [LBT], Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

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