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Astragalus dasyanthus Pall. as a model for wild plant species conservation: current status

Ermolaev, Evgheni


This study was aimed at investigating the current situation with Astragalus dasyanthus in some known populations both in protected areas and areas with human interaction, to analyse the succes of in situ conservation within protected areas, to aseses human impact on these populations. In the Republic of Moldova Astragalus dasyanthus is settled on its edge of habitat so it can be used as an indicator species in future research. Analysing the otained data, the following conclusion can be drawn: the best way to manage protected areas for Astragalus dasyanthus conservation is to observe successful wild population's conditions of existence and use these as a model

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Anale stiintifice ale Universitatii de Stat din Moldova. Seria "Stiinte ale naturii"
2007, sidor: 80-83

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