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Gait and Force Analysis of Provoked Pig Gait on Clean and Fouled Concrete Surfaces

Von Wachenfelt, Hans; Nilsson, Christer; Pinzke, Stefan


Gait and force analysis have proven to be useful methods in linking claw injuries to surface material conditions. To determine the relationship between claw disorders and floor properties such as friction and surface abrasiveness, the factors controlling gait must be characterised. The effects of fouled concrete floor conditions on the gait of 10 pigs walking in a curve, using kinematics and kinetics to record gait parameters and slip frequency are described and compared with clean conditions. Pigs adapted to fouled floor conditions by reducing their walking speed and stride length, using a higher number of 3-foot support phases and by lowering diagonality. This adaption produced lower vertical forces, a twofold reduction in propulsion and outward stabilisation force and a threefold increase in braking force, without reducing the peak utilised coefficient of friction (UCOF). The UCOF values for both limbs of the curve walking pigs exceeded the recorded dynamic coefficient of friction and the corresponding UCOF values for pigs walking a straight line in fouled floor condition. As UCOF increased and available friction from the fouled floor surface decreased, this resulted in higher forward and backward slip frequencies in both limbs for pigs walking in a curve. Pigs provoked to walk in a curve can adapt to fouled floor condition, but if the floor is heavily fouled this adaption is not sufficient to ensure safe walking


pigs; floors; friction; slip; concrete; kinematic; kinetic

Publicerad i

Biosystems Engineering
2009, Volym: 104, nummer: 4, sidor: 534-544
Utgivare: Published by Elsevier Ltd

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    • Von Wachenfelt, Hans

      • Lantbrukets byggnadsteknik [LBT], Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
      • Nilsson, Christer

        • Lantbrukets byggnadsteknik [LBT], Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
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