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Training aspects in the use and production of food composition databases. The EuroFIR experience

Hollman, Peter C. H.; Witthoft, Cornelia M.; Busstra, Maria C.; Elburg, Lucy; Hulshof, Paul


An increasing number of national food databases have been published on the internet. However, these internet databases can only be searched individually, and the data have been compiled at a national level, resulting in incompatibilities. To resolve these problems, the Network of Excellence EuroFIR develops an internet based platform for online access to various national authoritative sources of food composition data in Europe. Training is essential for its use, and for the development of harmonised procedures of data production, evaluation, compilation, and retrieval. The training program developed within EuroFIR consists of individual training, supported by exchange grants, and a collection of workshops and training courses. Supportive E-learning modules are under construction. Procedures for the evaluation of each training activity have been made to measure its efficacy, and to learn about new training needs. Attention is given to special training needs of compilers in central and eastern European countries. (C) 2008 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


Food composition; Food composition databases; EuroFIR; Training; Internet; Courses; E-learning; Exchange program

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Food Chemistry
2009, Volym: 113, nummer: 3, sidor: 842-845

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