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Rapport2002Öppen tillgång

Markstrukturindex: ett sätt att bedöma jordarnas fysikaliska status och odlingssystemets inverkan på markstrukturen

Berglund, Kerstin; Berglund, Örjan; Gustafson, Bjuréus Anna


Soil structure index is a method to evaluate the physical status of the soil and the effect of the farming system on soil structure. The index consists of three parts. One part where basic soil physical requirements are checked, a farming system part where yearly measures by the farmer are evaluated and finally a soil structure field test. In the first part, basic agricultural land improvement measures such as drainage, subsoiling etc. are evaluated. In the second part, the effect of the farming system on soil structure is summarized in an index with three positive factors and three negative factors. Plant root production, organic material (straw etc.) and e1rying of the soil profile are considered positive and bare nonfrozen soil, number of passages in the field and subsoil compaction is considered having a negative effect on soil structure and soil physical properties. The different factors are corrected by e1ifferent coefficients and the total effect is summarized in the index. The soil structure field test consists of a couple of simple field tests that together give a good picture of the soil structure. The field tests enable the farmer to ass ess and monitor the structure of the soil. The two first parts are today gathered in a programme in Excel format but shall be developed into a more user friendly format. Instructions to the soil structure field test can be found in a field guide. The soil structure index has been tested with very promising results


markstrukturindex; markstruktur; odlingssystem; markfysik; fälttest

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Avdelningsmeddelande / Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen för markvetenskap, Avdelningen för lantbrukets hydroteknik
2002, nummer: 02:4Utgivare: Institutionen för markvetenskap, Avdelningen för lantbrukets hydroteknik, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet