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Research article2004Peer reviewed

Influence of nitrogen application rate and timing on grain protein composition and gluten strength in Swedish wheat cultivars

Johansson E, Prieto-Linde ML, Svensson G


The influence of nitrogen (N) fertilizer application rate (0 vs. 70 vs. 140 kg N ha(-1)) and timing (early = at sowing vs. late = at sowing and before heading) on the amount of protein groups, amount and size distribution of mono- and polymeric proteins, and gluten strength was investigated in one set of wheat cultivars (Triticum aestivum L.). Due to their genetic background, the cultivars had different protein concentrations and gluten strengths. Despite this, all of them reacted similarly on rate and timing of nitrogen application. The rate of nitrogen fertilizer increased the variation in protein concentration, gluten strength, and also the variation in most of the investigated protein components. Higher nitrogen fertilizer rate increased protein concentration, decreased gluten strength, and increased the total amount of glutenins and gliadins as well as the amounts of most mono- and polymeric proteins. Timing of fertilizer did not influence protein concentration. The gluten strength and the relations of proteins were changed by the timing of fertilizer. Early nitrogen feritilizer applications led to higher gluten strength and a higher percentage of total unextractable polymeric protein in the total polymeric protein and large unextractable polymeric protein in the total large polymeric protein, compared to late nitrogen fertilizer applications

Published in

Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science
2004, Volume: 167, number: 3, pages: 345-350

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    • Johansson, Eva

      • Department of Crop Science, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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    Agricultural Science

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