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Forskningsartikel - Refereegranskat, 2004

Skin cancer identification using multifrequency electrical impedance - A potential screening tool

Aberg P, Nicander I, Hansson J, Geladi P, Holmgren U, Ollmar S


Electrical bio-impedance can be used to assess skin cancers and other cutaneous lesions. The aim of this study was to distinguish skin cancer from benign nevi using multifrequency impedance spectra. Electrical impedance spectra of about 100 skin cancers and 511 benign nevi were measured. Impedance of reference skin was measured ipsi-laterally to the lesions. The impedance relation between lesion and reference skin was used to distinguish the cancers from the nevi. It was found that it is possible to separate malignant melanoma from benign nevi with 75% specificity at 100% sensitivity, and to distinguish nonmelanoma skin cancer from benign nevi with 87% specificity at 100% sensitivity. The power of skin cancer detection using electrical impedance is as good as, or better than, conventional visual screening made by general practitioners

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IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering
2004, Volym: 51, nummer: 12, sidor: 2097-2102