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Nordic dairy farmers' threshold for contacting a veterinarian and consequences for disease recording: Mild clinical mastitis as an example

Espetvedt, Mari; Lind, Ann-Kristina; Wolff, Cecilia; Rintakoski, S.; Virtala, Anna-Maija; Lindberg, Ann


The varying behavioural intention partly explain the differences in completeness of disease data in the Nordic countries: if farmers have different thresholds for contacting a veterinarian the registered incidence of clinical mastitis will be affected. Knowledge about the importance of attitudes and specific drivers may be useful in any communication about mastitis management in the Nordic countries. (c) 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


Theory of Planned Behaviour; Dairy farming; Mastitis; Disease recording; Attitudes

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Preventive Veterinary Medicine
2013, Volym: 108, nummer: 2-3, sidor: 114-124

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