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Forskningsartikel - Refereegranskat, 2012

A Coordination Chemistry Study of Hydrated and Solvated Cationic Vanadium Ions in Oxidation States +III, +IV, and +V in Solution and Solid State

Krakowiak, Joanna; Lundberg, Daniel; Persson, Ingmar


The coordination chemistry of hydrated and solvated vanadium(III), oxovanadium(IV), and dioxovanadium(V) ions in the oxygen donor solvents water, dimethylsulfoxide (dmso) and N,N'-dimethylpropyleneurea (dmpu) has been studied in solution by EXAFS and large angle X-ray scattering (LAXS) and in solid state by single crystal X-ray diffraction and EXAFS. The hydrated vanadium(III) ion has a regular octahedral configuration with a mean V-O bond distance of 1.99 Å. In the hydrated and dimethylsulfoxide solvated oxovanadium(IV) ions vanadium binds strongly to an oxo group at ca. 1.6 Å. The solvent molecule trans to the oxo group is very weakly bound, at ca. 2.2 Å, while the remaining four solvent molecules, with a mean V-O bond distance of 2.0 Å, form a plane slightly below the vanadium atom; the mean O=V-Operp bond angle is ca. 98°. In the dmpu solvated oxovanadium(IV) ion, the space demanding properties of the dmpu molecule leaving no solvent molecule in the trans position to the oxo group which reduces the coordination number to 5. The O=V-O bond angle is consequently much larger, 106°, and the mean V=O and V-O bond distances decrease to 1.58 and 1.97 Å, respectively. The hydrated and dimethylsulfoxide solvated dioxovanadium(V) ions display a very distorted octahedral configuration with the oxo groups in cis position with mean V=O bond distances of 1.6 Å and a O=V=O bond angle of ca. 105°. The solvent molecules trans to the oxo groups are weakly bound, at ca. 2.2 Å, while the remaining two have bond distances of 2.02 Å. The experimental studies of the coordination chemistry of hydrated and solvated vanadium(III,IV,V) ions are complemented by summarizing previously reported crystal structures to yield a comprehensive description of the coordination chemistry of vanadium with oxygen donor ligands.

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Inorganic Chemistry
2012, Volym: 51, nummer: 18, sidor: 9598-9609