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The use of sewage fertiliser products on arable land - requirements from the farmers' perspective

Sjöberg Cecilia, Tidåker Pernilla, Jönsson Håkan


The aim of this paper was to discuss farmers' requirements for using sewage products as fertilisera on arable land. A quistionnaire followed up with interviews was used in a watershed area close to Stockholm. The study also included calculations of the cost to farmers of handling different sewage products. Farmers were most interested in source-separated human urine and precipitated septic tank sludge originating from on-site treatment. A high concentration of plant nutrients was important for farmers, as well as good hygiene wuality of the product and a low content of heavy metals. However, the most important factor for farmers was that the expenses for e.g. collection, transporting, storage and spreading were covered


Farmers; fertilisers; on-site treatment; sewage products; source separation

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Utgivare: The 2nd International Symposium on Ecological Sanitation


The 2nd International Symposium on Ecological Sanitation, Incorporating the 1st IWA Specialist Group Conference on Sustainable Sanitation