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Initial fungal colonizer affects mass loss and fungal community development in Picea abies logs 6 yr after inoculation

Lindner, Daniel; Vasaitis, Rimvydas; Kubartová, Ariana; Allmer, Johan; Johannesson, Hanna; Banik, Mark; Stenlid, Jan


Picea abies logs were inoculated with Resinicium bicolor, Fomitopsis pinicola or left un-inoculated and placed in an old-growth boreal forest. Mass loss and fungal community data were collected after 6 yr to test whether simplification of the fungal community via inoculation affects mass loss and fungal community development. Three techniques were used to survey communities: (1) observation of fruiting structures; (2) culturing on media; and (3) cloning and sequencing of ITS rDNA. Fruit body surveys detected the smallest number of species (18, 3.8 per log), DNA-based methods detected the most species (72, 31.7 per log), and culturing detected an intermediate number (23, 7.2 per log). Initial colonizer affected community development and inoculation with F. pinicola led to significantly greater mass loss. Relationships among fungal community composition, community richness and mass loss are complex and further work is needed to determine whether simplification of fungal communities affects carbon sequestration in forests. (C) 2011 Elsevier Ltd and The British Mycological Society. All rights reserved.


Basidiomycota; Biodiversity; Decomposition; DNA; Environmental sampling; Fungal succession; Fungi; Wood decay

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Fungal Ecology
2011, Volym: 4, nummer: 6, sidor: 449-460