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Returnees and local stakeholders co-producing the entrepreneurial region

Gaddefors, Johan; Cronsell, Niclas


The purpose of this chapter is to examine how returning entrepreneurs and local stakeholders are involved in co-producing an entrepreneurial region. A theoretical framework is proposed based on two metaphors; embeddedness and translation. Moreover, the value of the framework is illustrated by a case drawn from a study conducted over a 3-year period. The work is based on a constructionist approach, and the results emerged from a narrative analysis. Our partial ethnographic methodology gives us the opportunity to follow the interaction between entrepreneurs and local stakeholders over time. The findings show what needs to become embedded to attain regional development is an entrepreneurial attitude to life in the region, not only the embeddedness of the returning entrepreneurs and their firms. Consequently, the framework results in a perspective emphasising the interplay over time between entrepreneurs and local stakeholders. The value of the chapter is that it shows how the co-production of the entrepreneurial region between entrepreneurs and local stakeholders results in continued regional development.

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Titel: Enacting Regional Dynamics and Entrepreneurship: Bridging the Territorial and Functional Rationales
ISBN: 9780415699853
Utgivare: Tyler and Francis