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Kinematics of saddle and rider in high-level dressage horses performing collected walk on a treadmill

Byström, Anna; Rhodin, Marie; von Peinen, K; Weishaupt, M.A; Roepstorff, Lars


The literature suggests that the rider's influence on the movement pattern of the horse is the strongest at walk. For assessment of the horse-rider interaction in dressage horses presented for unsatisfactory performance, evaluations at walk may therefore be the most rewarding. Basic knowledge about rider and saddle movements in well-performing horses is likely to be supportive to this task.


horse; collected walk; equestrian dressage; kinematics; rider; saddle

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Equine Veterinary Journal
2010, Volym: 42, nummer: 4, sidor: 340-345 Utgivare: WILEY-BLACKWELL