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Kinetics and kinematics of the horse comparing left and right rising trot

Roepstorff, L.; Egenvall, A.; Rhodin, M.; Bystrom, A.; Johnston, C.; van Weeren, P. R.; Weishaupt, M.


Reasons for performing study: At rising trot the rider sits alternately down on one diagonal pair of limbs and rises up on the other. The possible effects on asymmetry of locomotion induced by rising trot have rarely been studied.Objectives: To demonstrate whether, and if so to what extent, rising trot causes asymmetrical loading in the vertical ground reaction force (VGRF) and/or asymmetrical effects on the locomotion pattern, comparing left and right side.Methods: Seven elite horses were ridden in left and right rising trot on a treadmill, while VGRF and kinematics were measured, with the horses' neck raised, the poll high and the bridge of the nose slightly in front of the vertical.Results: Force loading was generally increased in the limbs of the sitting diagonal. The lumbar back was lower between mid-stances of the sitting and nonsitting stance, pelvic roll was limited and the tuber coxae heights were lower on the sitting side. Maximal hindlimb protraction was decreased. Forelimb retraction was increased and the T6 height decreased.Conclusion: The rider movement induces an uneven biphasic load that affects the back, pelvis and limb kinematics and VGRF.Potential relevance: The generally advocated technique of alternating limbs when riding in rising trot is supported. The VGRF changes between rising on the left or right diagonal were distinct, but minor in absolute terms and therefore unlikely to have direct impact on the occurrence of locomotor injuries. Knowledge of an increase of asymmetry in rising trot is potentially useful for riders/trainers.


horse; kinematics; kinetics; rising trot; posting trot; asymmetry

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Equine Veterinary Journal
2009, Volym: 41, nummer: 3, sidor: 292-296
Utgivare: Equine Veterinary Journal LTD