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Identification of the origin of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) population in a recently recolonized river in the Baltic Sea

Vasemagi A, Gross R, Paaver T, Kangur M, Nilsson J, Eriksson LO


The founder event in a recently recolonized salmon population in the Baltic Sea (Gulf of Finland) was investigated. To identify the origin of the founders, four wild populations and two hatchery stocks were analysed using six microsatellite loci. The results of assignment tests and factorial correspondence analysis suggest that the initial recolonizers of the river Selja originated from the geographically nearest (7 km) wild population (river Kunda) but as the result of stocking activities, interbreeding between recolonizers and hatchery individuals has occurred in subsequent years. Although the hatchery releases are outnumbering the wild salmon recruitment in the Baltic Sea at present, our results suggest that the native populations may still have an important role in colonization processes of the former salmon rivers

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Molecular Ecology
2001, Volym: 10, nummer: 12, sidor: 2877-2882

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    • Vasemägi, Anti

      • Institutionen för vattenbruk, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
      • Nilsson, Jan

        • Institutionen för vattenbruk, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
        • Eriksson, Lars-Ove

          • Institutionen för vattenbruk, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

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