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Conference abstract, 2004

Antioxidants in cod roe of wild origin from Baltic and Western populations. Abstract and poster

Pickova, Jana


The reproductive success of Baltic cod has been discussed in terms of lower hatching rates and survival. We have investigated the astaxanthin and fatty acid profiles of the two different populations. An increased amount of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPUFA) Baltic eggs compared to the eggs of Skagerrak origin. It is known that LCPUFA are more prone to peroxidation than other fatty acids. Therefore we have investigated the level of some lipid soluble antioxidants in the roe of these two different populations. Figure 1. The values of astaxanthin (standard deviation is included) found for the Baltic cod and the Skagerrak cod gonads These results make it necessary to perform more analytical work to be able to conclude how these contradicting trends in the cont of LCPUFA and antioxidants are related to each other. A similar mechanism was suggested in a publication by Bell et al. (2000) in salmon muscle and in a previous study on salmon eggs by Pickova et al. (2003). These results may be of large importance for the egg quality. References: Bell, J.G., McEvoy, J., Tocher. D.R., Sargent, J.R. 2000. Depletion of -tocopherol and astaxanthin in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) affects autooxidative defense and fatty acid metabolism. J. Nutr. 130, 1800-1808. Pickova J., Dutta, P.C., Larsson, P-O., Kiessling, A. 1997. Early embryonic cleavage pattern, hatching success and egg-lipid fatty acid composition: Comparison of cod stocks. Can. J. of Fish. Aquat. Sci. 54(10): 2410-2416. Pickova, J. Dutta, P.C., Pettersson, A., FrØyland, L. and Kiessling, A. 2003. Eggs of Baltic salmon displaying M74, yolk sac mortality syndrome have elevated levels of cholesterol oxides and the fatty acid 22:6 n-3. Aquaculture 227: 63-75

Published in

ICES Symposium
2004, volume: 2004
Publisher: ICES


Gadoid mariculture: development and fututre challenges

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Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Food Science

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Food Science
Fish and Aquacultural Science

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