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High pressure effect on the color of minced cured restructured ham at different levels of drying, pH, and NaCl

Bak, Kathrine Holmgaard; Lindahl, Gunilla; Karlsson, Anders H.; Lloret, Elsa; Ferrini, Gabriele; Arnau, Jacint; Orlien, Vibeke


Color changes of minced cured restructured ham was studied considering the effects of high pressure (HP) treatment (600 MPa, 13 degrees C, 5 min), raw meat pH(24) (low, normal, high), salt content (15,30 g/kg), and drying (20%, 50% weight loss). Raw hams were selected based on pH(24) in Semimembranosus, mixed with additives, frozen, sliced, and dried using the Quick-Dry-Slice (R) process. Meat color (CIE 1976 L*a*b) and reflectance spectra were measured before and after HP treatment. HP significantly increased L*, decreased a*, and decreased b* for restructured ham dried to 20% weight loss, regardless of salt content and pH(24). L* and a* were best preserved in high pH/high salt restructured ham. HP had no effect on the color of restructured ham dried to 50% weight loss. HP had no effect on the shape of reflectance curves, indicating that the pigment responsible for minced cured restructured ham color did not change due to HP. (C) 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


High pressure; Meat color; Myoglobin; Quick-Dry-Slice; Minced cured restructured ham

Published in

Meat Science
2012, Volume: 90, number: 3, pages: 690-696

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