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Linking substrate and habitat requirements of wood-inhabiting fungi to their regional extinction vulnerability

Berglund, Hakan; Hottola, Jenni; Penttila, Reijo; Siitonen, Juha


Loss of old-growth forests and greatly reduced volumes of coarse dead wood in managed forests are the main reasons for the decline of many wood-inhabiting species in Europe and elsewhere. To assess the habitat requirements and extinction vulnerability of 13 polypore species associated mainly with spruce, their occurrences were recorded on 96 521 dead-wood objects in 331 stands along a regional gradient of forest utilization history across southern-middle boreal Finland. The substrates studied included a variety of tree species and dead-wood qualities investigated in both unmanaged and managed stands at different successional stages. Hierarchical logistic regression models were constructed to analyze the relationships between the occurrence probability of individual species and variables at the substrate, stand and regional scales.

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2011, Volym: 34, nummer: 5, sidor: 864-875

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